Free Tarot Readings June 2021

FREE Tarot Readings for June 2021!

During the month of June, I am releasing over 80 COMPLETELY FREE Tarot readings for each of the 12 zodiac signs. You can check out the playlist on YouTube by using the link below.

I’m really grateful to be able to share my knowledge of the Tarot with everyone on YouTube. It’s truly an amazing platform for spreading important messages. Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an update!

Many Blessings to you!

4 thoughts on “FREE Tarot Readings for June 2021!”

  1. Do you do mediumship readings and if so, how soon is your next available appointment? Same question tarot regarding, too?

    Thank you

  2. Lorraine Ann Browning

    Hi Zane I have been watching your readings on you tube and I would like for you to do a reading for me.
    I am single 59 years old but young at heart still go out sometimes. Have a few friends but dont get to see many.
    I work with investments which I love my job but it does not pay good at all.
    I would like a general reading as I find that my life is boring.
    I live with my 2 daughters also.
    Can you see any improvement in my surroundings or life or do I need to go to a clairvoyant or medium for this ?

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